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Carbon Neutral | Longmont, CO | Change Finance

Carbon Neutral

Climate change is an existential threat to life as we know it. The global economy must decarbonize rapidly if we hope to limit warming to a level to which humanity can adapt.

Change Finance is proud to be a part of the solution. Our Certified Carbon Neutral Fund and SMA Products are the first of their kind and allow investors to simultaneously accomplish two previously contradictory goals: seek wealth creation through the capital markets and sequester the greenhouse gases whose accumulation in our atmosphere threatens our future prosperity.

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The Voluntary Carbon Market | Longmont, CO | Change Finance

The Voluntary Carbon Market

As a financial company, the vast majority of the carbon emissions associated with Change Finance reside in our investment portfolios. Every company we invest in has a carbon footprint. Consequently, we own a small portion of each company’s greenhouse gas emissions. Since we have limited control over the emissions of large multinational companies, we must sequester the emissions for which we are responsible if we are to achieve our goal of carbon neutrality. We can accomplish this through participating in the nascent and growing voluntary carbon market, a mechanism that allows us to remove carbon from the atmosphere by purchasing certified carbon credits.

Carbon Footprinting | Longmont, CO | Change Finance

Step 1:
Carbon Footprinting

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Sequester Carbon the Right Way | Longmont, CO | Change Finance

Step 2:
Sequester Carbon the Right Way

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Certification | Longmont, CO | Change Finance

Step 3:

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The Impact of Investing Carbon Neutral

Invest Carbon Neutral

Restore our Grasslands

Fight the Climate Crisis

Change Finance

Impact on Climate:

Sequester Carbon in Soil | Longmont, CO | Change Finance

Sequester Carbon in Soil

Change Finance seeks to sequester the carbon emissions associated with its investment portfolios through regenerative agriculture and ranching.

  • Carbon Sequestered per $100,000 Invested: 1.43 tonnes
  • YTD Carbon Sequestered: 1,423 tonnes
  • Total Carbon Sequestered: 1,658 tonnes
    as of 11/30/2022

Impact on Biodiversity:

Restore Grassland Ecosystems | Longmont, CO | Change Finance

Restore Grassland Ecosystems

Change Finance sequesters carbon through Grassroots Carbon, a network of ranchers implementing regenerative grazing practices that minim natural cycles, restore grassland ecosystems, and enhance biodiversity.

  • US Land Devoted to Grazing: 40%
  • Ranchers Using Regenerative Grazing: less than 5%
  • Grassroots Carbon Network: 4,000,000+ acres

Impact on People:

Empower Rural Communities | Longmont, CO | Change Finance

Empower Rural Communities

Grassroots Carbon empowers marginalized groups including women, indigenous peoples, and ranchers of color, ensuring that good stewards of the land are compensated fairly for the public service they provide.

  • Lower Input Costs & Increased Forage Growth
  • 80% of the profit from every carbon credit purchased goes directly to ranchers
  • Equal or better working conditions for ranchers