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Change Finance Launches 1st Certified Carbon Neutral ETF Thumbnail

Change Finance Launches 1st Certified Carbon Neutral ETF

Over this past summer, 1 in 3 Americans experienced a climate crisis. From hurricanes, to heat domes, to wildfires – Companies and governments are now tripping over themselves to make Net Zero 2050 commitments, a few by 2030, although it’s clear that neither is adequate.

Deteriorating environmental and social conditions coupled with incomprehensible financial rhetoric are a recipe for investor despondency and disaffection. It’s time for the sustainable investment industry to step up, innovate, and create new avenues for impact.

This why Change Finance, a small, nimble, impact-focused asset manager, is proud to announce that they have developed the FIRST & ONLY Certified Carbon Neutral ETF! As an organization that encourages bold ideas and incubates them into meaningful action, Change Finance is now committed to sequestering 100% of the scope 1 and scope 2 emissions associated with its investment portfolios.  

Change Finance uses ESG data to ensure a truly fossil fuel free portfolio that has one of the lowest carbon footprints of any large cap blend fund on the market. However, all companies are responsible for some degree of carbon emissions, and as stockholders, we effectively own a small percentage of their carbon footprints in addition to the company’s earnings and cash flows. As of 2Q 2021, Change Finance commits to conducting a rigorous carbon footprint analysis of all funds and sequestering that amount of carbon in collaboration with Grassroots Carbon, an organization specializing in carbon sequestration through holistic management and regenerative grazing.

Consequently, for every $1mil invested, 7tonnes of carbon are pulled from the atmosphere and returned to the soil, thereby mitigating the climate crisis and enhancing grassland ecosystems. The entire process has been audited and certified by EthosESG, resulting in the first Certified Carbon Neutral fund designation for any fund on the market!

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