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Change Finance Launches 1st Certified Carbon Neutral ETF Thumbnail

Change Finance Launches 1st Certified Carbon Neutral ETF

Over this past summer, 1 in 3 Americans experienced a climate crisis. From hurricanes, to heat domes, to wildfires – Companies and governments are now tripping over themselves to make Net Zero 2050 commitments, a few by 2030, although it’s clear that neither is adequate. Deteriorating environmental and social conditions...

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2021 Advocacy Report

ESG proposals took center stage during the 2021 proxy voting season as shareholders approved a record number of ESG-oriented resolutions. In contrast to previous years, proposals aimed at improving the environmental and social impact of corporations won overwhelming support from shareholders and even some management teams...

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5.26.21 – The Day The World Changed Thumbnail

5.26.21 – The Day The World Changed

Dear Valued Client, It’s not game over. That’s when a buzzer-beater basketball launched from midcourt swishes through the hoop to end the game, or a Hail-Mary pass is caught just as the clock expires. This was more like an interception returned for a touchdown to bring the game within three...

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2021 ESG Asset Allocation Trends Report

The mission of Change Finance is to accelerate the adoption of sustainable and responsible investing so that capital markets promote the business practices and innovation necessary to address our most pressing social and environmental challenges. To meet this goal, it is essential for investors and financial advisors to fully understand the rapidly evolving portfolio management practices related to environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data integration...

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