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Advocacy | Longmont, CO | Change Finance


Change Finance seeks to leverage the power of capital markets to promote a more just and sustainable world. A rigorous investment methodology that relies on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) data is one tool for achieving this goal, but more is needed. Change Finance is also committed to active ownership. Through the thoughtful and collaborative work of our Shareholder Advocacy Team, we can make a more specific and immediate positive impact.

Our Advocacy Toolbox

Proxy Voting

Proxy voting is the most direct method for shareholders to influence corporate practices. Supporting shareholder resolutions that are in the best interest of people, the planet, and ethical profits is the foundation of shareholder advocacy at Change Finance. We diligently vote our proxies following ESG principles and with the guidance of Glass Lewis. 

Corporate Engagement

Shareholders of publicly traded companies own a portion of the business, and therefore, can influence the decisions of corporate management. Change Finance works to identify areas where companies can improve ESG performance and then collaborates with other investors to promote corporate policies that enhance the sustainability, responsibility, and profitability of the business.


Change Finance divests from those industries that are fundamentally unsustainable and where engagement efforts are unlikely to be successful. Examples of those industries in which we divest include fossil fuels, tobacco, and weapons. Divestment meets the moral and ethical demands of our clients, while simultaneously insulating them from the risks associated with irresponsible corporate practices.

Shareholder Resolutions

In some situations, Change Finance will seek to file formal shareholder resolutions, a critical tool for active shareholders to have an immediate impact on corporate policy and practices. Resolutions may also bring otherwise reluctant corporate managers to the negotiating table.

Public Policy

A strong public policy framework is critical for incentivizing responsible and sustainable corporate behavior. Change Finance’s memberships and affiliations with organizations, such as USSIF and the FAIRR Initiative, allow us to collaborate with other investors to promote policies supportive of shareholder rights, equality, and democracy.

Advocacy Toolbox | Longmont, CO | Change Finance

Justice and Equity

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Climate and Environment

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Governance and Policy

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Prior Year Reports

2021 Advocacy Report