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Longmont, CO | Change Finance


Change Finance was founded to leverage the power of capital markets to promote a more just and sustainable world while helping investors meet their financial goals. As investors ourselves, we were distressed to see the traditional Wall Street asset management industry repeatedly ignore investors' moral and ethical demands by failing to generate meaningful and measurable positive impact.

We decided that it's time for a new generation of investors to disrupt Wall Street and create a more sustainable and inclusive economy. Whether it's addressing inequality in the workplace or meeting the goals of the Paris Climate Accord, investors have enormous power to effect positive change. By applying a rigorous rules-based investment methodology based on Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) data and leveraging active ownership, Change Finance is helping investors move away from extractive capitalism and create an economy in service to life.

It is imperative to transform capital markets if we are to create the world in which we want to live. Our impact-driven, performance-focused strategies are designed to do just that.

Mission | Longmont, CO | Change Finance


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Our name says it all. Our mission is to Change Finance. To transform capital markets to create the world in which we want to live. A world driven by an economy in service to life.

Change Finance was founded to leverage the power of capital markets to promote a more just and sustainable world.

Values | Longmont, CO | Change Finance


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We abide by our commitment of being in service to life through our core values:

  • We are Whole Humans. We value and honor our emotions, our families, and our personalities.
  • We seek Justice. We take responsibility for our actions, acknowledge the harm we’ve done, and strive to practice equity and inclusion in all we do.
  • We are Generous. We assume the best in people, look beyond ourselves, take care of people, give our energy and time.
  • We embrace Agency. We are responsible for ourselves, recognize the agency of others, ask when we need help, and serve one another.
  • We are committed to Learning. We don’t have all the answers, we want to get better, we are all growing, we strive to be whole humans.

What We Do

We seek to create a virtuous cycle:

Capture Hearts & Minds | Longmont, CO | Change Finance

Capture Hearts & Minds

We educate and inspire people to understand the impact of their money and their power as investors.

Enable Action | Longmont, CO | Change Finance

Enable Action

We democratize responsible investing and empower investors to advocate for social and environmental change.

Wield Power For Good | Longmont, CO | Change Finance

Wield Power For Good

We use our influence as investors to drive:

  • Corporate behavior change
  • Policy change
  • Individual action
Certified Corporation | Longmont, CO | Change Finance

How We’re Structured

Change Finance is a Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) and a Certified B Corp. We chose to incorporate as a PBC because it makes our mission legally binding. As the law is generally interpreted, standard corporations operate under the shareholder primacy model. In other words, they must always put the immediate interests of the company's owners first. That leads to companies governed by share price at the expense of employees, customers, the environment, and other stakeholders.

The vast majority of our economy operates under the shareholder primacy model and we are now living with the consequences in the form of climate change, massive wealth inequality, biodiversity loss, and more.

Our decision to seek Certified B Corp status and to incorporate as a Public Benefit Corporation ensures that we have the legal duty to consider not only the effects our decisions have on our shareholders, but also their effects on other stakeholders. When those effects come into conflict, as they inevitably do, our PBC status allows us to forge a path that protects our mission and ensures that we not only can, but must, continue to build an economy in service to life.